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CEA Time Study

posted Nov 24, 2014, 12:30 PM by Chuck Nelson   [ updated Sep 22, 2015, 5:50 PM by Chaska Education Association ]
To gather and provide current data, CEA would like each member to use the first link below to record any and all uncompensated* minutes spent outside the average contracted eight hour duty day.  For the initial collection, CEA will use the window of Monday, November 17 through Tuesday, December 23, 2014. 

The link will ask you to do three brief things:

1.       Identify yourself in whatever alias, code name, or real name you feel comfortable with – please use the same alias/name with every entry

2.       Identify your building (use the drop down)

3.       Identify the number of minutes that day

The data will automatically dump into a google document which will automatically date and time stamp each entry.


For example, if I’m an elementary school teacher (Mother Goose) and I’ve worked my contracted average eight hour duty day and I work an additional hour and a half setting up learning stations for tomorrow’s lesson and go home and spend another hour grading work, I would enter 150.  If tomorrow I work my average eight hour duty day and stay an extra hour for and IEP meeting, I would make another entry of 60. If I work four hours on a Saturday, I would enter 240. 


At this point, CEA is only working to quantify the amount of time members are working uncompensated beyond the contracted day.  Later in the year there will be follow up as to how the overwork time is being spent.


Again, every day please use this link to submit any time worked over the contracted eight hour day between today and December 23.  The more members who respond authentically during this collection window, the richer the data will be.  If you forget a day, do hesitate to make two entries on one day by going in and out twice.

*If you are coaching, you are receiving compensation.  If you are attending a CEA Executive Board meeting, you are receiving compensation, and so on.  Please only record uncompensated minutes.